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Pool will open late Monday (around Noon) for treatment for local virus outbreak

July 22nd, 2016

Pool will be treated on Sunday night and remain closed through Monday at noon in response to virus.

Recently, the Wake County Health Department has confirmed multiple cases of children with cryptosporidium (crypto) in Wake County. Some of these children have been visiting local swimming pools.

Most of the cases have centered around one particular swim club in North Raleigh (not managed by AMG). However, there is concern that some of these children visited other swimming pools in the area, potentially exposing those facilities to crypto as well.

Below is an email directly from Jessica Sanders recommending on behalf of the Wake County Health Dept that all pools treat for Crypto. The protocol reflects how we would handle a diarrhea incident. This involves shutting the pool down for a day, and bringing the chlorine up to a very high level (20 ppm) for almost 13 hours, then allowing the chlorine to dissipate/neutralize to a safe level, and reopening the facility.

Here are two links from the CDC that would be helpful to pass along to your members/residents, if they have questions about crypto. This would also be a good time to remind them that if their child is sick, to please not bring them to the pool.