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Theft’s in the Community

September 16th, 2013 by webmaster Leave a reply »

Neighborhood Crime Notice

The Brookstone CA Board wants to advise our community members of recent and past thefts within our community.

In the past we have had cars broken into and items taken, due to doors left unlocked. Thieves use this opportunity to also access homes by using the garage door openers.  Please ensure you lock your doors at night and take any valuables you don’t wish to loose into your home.

Recently, thieves have used the opportunity to access homes via garage doors that have been left open. Some of the items stolen have been;

  • Hand tools
  • Power tools
  • Alcohol the garage refrigerators
  • Home electronics like PS3 and X-boxes.

We ask that you take the necessary precautions so that you don’t become a victim, and we further ask that if you see any suspicious activities, that you please call the police.


Stay Safe,


Brookstone Board of Directors


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