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2013 Draft Budget Posted

October 31st, 2012

The 2013 Fiscal year budget has been posted for public comment. The Board must vote to approve the budget at the November 23 Board Meeting. The annual assessment will increase $10 this year to $450.

We are faced again with the expense of resurfacing the pool in the coming year. The most expensive scenario for this repair is $80,000 to plaster the surface of the pool and repair the cracking coping. No proposal has been accepted or contract awarded. We have included this amount in the budget to alert the community to the upcoming expense.

The Community Association Reserve Fund exists specifically to address this type of expense. The bulk of the expense would be paid from this fund. Given that Mortgage lenders are now increasingly concerned with the health of HOAs, allowing the reserve fund to fall too low could interfere with your ability to refinance your home. The $10 increase in annual assessment is intended to minimize this impact. Additionally, we have elected to transfer $20,000 from the landscaping fund to bolster the Reserve Fund.

Please contact use as brookstoneboard@brookstoneweb.org if you have any questions or comments regarding this budget.

Matthew Slavis
President, Brookstone Community Association
On behalf of the Board of Directors
2013 Draft Budget (82)


October 27th, 2012

Hello Volunteers and Neighbors!

There is a 30% chance of rain this afternoon but it will be warmer and less windy than tomorrow so think positive and come on down!


To view the sign up, go to:

Fall Fest Saturday October 27

October 21st, 2012
Fall Fest is Saturday October 27, from 2-4:30 (rain date Sunday) with games, prizes, bouncy house, popcorn and a Halloween Parade at 3:00.

Please consider signing up to help make this event successful.

Thank you-
Joanne LaLiberte
Social Committee

Board Meeting, Tuesday, October 23

October 16th, 2012

As defined on the Brookstone Community Calendar, the Brookstone CA Board of Directors will hold a
monthly meeting at 7PM on Tuesday, October 23. The agenda for the meeting has recently been published:
Monthly Meeting Agenda, October 23, 2012 (156)

The meeting will be held at the offices of RS Fincher. RS Fincher is located at 315 S. Salem Street, #500, in the downtown area of Apex (map).

There is a short open session at the beginning of each meeting where homeowners can express comments and concerns. Any homeowners who would like to speak with the Board are invited to do so during that time.

Published: Meeting Minutes for June 2012 and August 2012

October 2nd, 2012

The minutes from the June 2012 Board meeting have been posted.

The minutes from the August 2012 Board meeting have been posted.

2012-06-25 Brookstone CA Board Meeting (370)
2012-08-28 Brookstone CA Board Meeting (384)