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Swimming Pool Update; Activities, Hours, and Rules

June 10th, 2011 by webmaster Leave a reply »

Hot Dog Friday
Today is a Brookstone Barracudas Hot Dog Friday. Starting at 5pm you will be able to buy a hot dog, chips and a drink for $3. Snow cones will be sold separately for $1 each. Music is free :-}

Pool Hours and Rules
The 2011 Brookstone Pool Schedule (321) has been posted; a copy was finally shared by the Pool Management Company.

The 2010 Brookstone Swim Club Operational Policy (Revised July 2010) (645) while currently dated 2010, it is still the active guide to pool rules.

Please pay close attention to the hours of operation and the rules regarding age and rights of access with and without lifeguards.

Pool Hygiene
And given we’ve already had one pool closure, please pay special attention to this existing rule:

  • Infants and children who are not “potty trained” must wear a tight fitting rubber pants while swimming.

Note: If you even suspect your child may have not yet mastered their “control” when swimming, we highly encourage the use of plastic pants over a diaper; we all deserve a clean pool this summer.


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