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Pool Status: May 2011

May 15th, 2011 by webmaster Leave a reply »

You may have seen a bit of activity at the pool this spring; some activity might seem unusual for our standard spring “wake up the pool” work, and you’d be right.

As an update, this is a brief listing of the work being done at the pool to prepare for the planned opening on Saturday May 21:

  • New front door; it was not broken, but it turns out given the current rules for Wake County, not quite appropriate. We had to convert the pool front door to one that opens out, vs opens in, to meet the rules that pools must pass to open. With a front door that opens out, you can’t get trapped in the pool house (imagine the rush out the door before a thunderstorm).
  • Updated electrical system; after a review by board members, it was agreed that electrical updates and repair were overdue. We requested repairs and upgrades wherever we saw the opportunity to improve the safety of the system and replace fixtures that were no longer performing adequately.
  • Interior facility painting; we needed to repaint various rooms at the pool house. This refresh will support a cleaner and neater look for the facility. Old rotten office furniture was also removed as part of this update.
  • Plumbing repairs and upgrades; a water supply pipe had broken and we had to include plumbing system updates as part of the repair work. The pine trees at the parking lot entrance contributed to a broken pipe and the Town of Cary required that we update the water supply connections to meet current code. This work is ongoing, and may be fairly visible on Lewey Drive, as that is where the water main break occurred.

While not all of the upgrades were planned (who plans for broken pipes?), the board made the choices necessary to keep the facility current, clean, and safe.

We are still working towards opening day of Saturday May 21, 2011. Any changes to that planned opening date will be shared here.


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