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Dog Station Update

October 22nd, 2010 by news Leave a reply »
  • In February of this year the board voted to buy and install both additional dog stations and trash cans on both the new and the existing stations.
  • The volunteer work to install the stations was completed in August; there are seven locations spread across common areas near the pool and on Fryar Creek.
  • We know they are popular, the small bags are all gone already and we’re told by the landscaping vendor, who empties the trash, that the trash cans are full most weeks. (Your neighbors appreciate your use of these stations, it makes walking around in Brookstone more enjoyable.)
  • We’re aware of the empty bag dispensers and are happy to report a new volunteer has stepped forward to help ensure they are stocked when required (thank you Wendy Hudson); we’ll be working to ensure an adequate supply of bags as well.
  • We know we had trash pickup issues early on, but the board has worked with the landscape vendor to correct that problem.

If you have any comments or questions, please send them along to the board (brookstoneboard@brookstoneweb.org).


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