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For Review: Architectural Standards and Construction Specifications

September 7th, 2010 by news Leave a reply »

The Brookstone Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and Board or Directors have worked to define and review a proposed modification to the existing Brookstone Architectural Standards and Architectural Review Form documents. These documents define the rules we abide by as homeowners and govern the process followed by the ARC when reviewing our applications for modification to our homes and property.

These are the draft versions of the revised documents:

  • Brookstone Architectural Standards and Guidelines (Version 2010) (364)
    Detailed description of the standards that are to be followed by all homeowners.
  • {title} ({hits})
    Forms that would be used when submitting a request to the ARC. This document is large, but only a portion of the forms contained would be used for any given request. You might only need the cover page and one or two additional pages; you send in only what applies given the change you are planning.

The proposed documents are being shared in final draft form to give the community a chance to review and comment on the modified content. If you have comments or concerns, please feel free to contact the Board of Directors (brookstoneboard@brookstoneweb.org).

The proposed versions would replace the existing documents if approved by the Board of Directors. The Board intends to vote on these changes at the next board meeting (September 20, 2010).


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