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Swim Team Activity Update and Pool Rules Reminder

July 6th, 2010 by news Leave a reply »

Swim Team Activity

Glass at the Pool

  • The pool management company has reported that several members/guests at the pool have brought in glass containers. After loosing the pool for a few days last year to clean up glass, we should all remember why the “No Glass” rule is in place. Bottles wrapped in a “coozie” are still glass, and glass containers added to the recycle bins are not acceptable either.
  • Please be advised that if a life guard observes a glass container, the holder of that container will be asked to remove it, and all others, from the pool area. Leaving them in a cooler or dumping them in a recycle bin is not acceptable. You will have to take them to the car or back to your home. Refusal means you and your group leave the pool.

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