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Board of Directors – August 17 Meeting – Change in Membership/Open Position

July 20th, 2010 by news Leave a reply »

Board Meeting

  • The Board of Directors will hold a monthly meeting at 7PM on August 17, 2010, at the Brookstone Pool.
  • At this Board meeting we plan to vote on the revised Brookstone Architectural Standards and Construction Specifications document. A final draft of this document will be shared on this site at least two weeks before the Board meeting where a vote is taken.

Change in Board Membership

  • On July 19, Ralph Vought tendered his resignation from the Brookstone Board of Directors. This Board position has been marked open (see Board page), and the Board will be working to fill that position by the September meeting.

Open Board Position

  • The Board would like to find a new member to complete the term vacated by Ralph Vought. If you are interested, please contact RS Fincher. Note that the term of the open position ends in April of 2011; the next annual meeting.
  • The Board will accept candidates up until the September 20, 2010 Board Meeting, with a goal of selecting the replacement member of the Board at that time.

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