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Email of Brookstone News Items to Homeowners Group Activation

October 29th, 2009 by webmaster Leave a reply »

Hello Brookstone!

This is the inaugural email from the Brookstone Community Association direct to Brookstone residents.
You are receiving this email because you chose to “opt-in” when you filled out the contact form and returned it to RS Fincher, our management company.

You can always ask to be added to the Brookstone email system by sending a message to website@brookstoneweb.org.

A discussion of your rights as a group list member and how the group list will be managed follows.

Your rights:

  • Keep your email address private.
  • Not receive content that is not directly related to Brookstone Community Association efforts or activities.
  • Be added to this distribution list (you can add a new, or modify an existing, email address).
  • Be removed from this distribution list.

List Management:

  • Send an email to website@brookstoneweb.org if you want to be removed, added, or to modify your email address as known to this distribution list (include your name and Brookstone street address).
  • You don’t have to keep these emails. The content of any email sent to this distribution list will also be posted as a news entry on the brookstoneweb.org web site. The email method of delivery just makes sure you don’t miss the news.
  • The distribution list is one way communication; replies to these emails will not be broadcast to others in the community.

You can always comment on the Yahoo group, or directly to any of the Brookstone contact IDs:

Note: Two other emails will follow soon. These will share two recent news postings on the Brookstone web site that we don’t want you to miss.

Please contact the web team at website@brookstoneweb.org if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Brookstone Community Association


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