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Brookstone Web; status, plans, and a request for comments.

October 7th, 2009 by webmaster Leave a reply »

We’ve heard from a few community members asking where things are, where things have gone, and what userid they have on the new site (green site) they see now when they visit brookstoneweb.org.

What follows is an attempt to provide a short overview of what we did, what we plan to do, and what we may do (depending on your comments).

A short overview (short really was the plan):

  • The old site is gone, the new site lives, at the original location.
  • The Yahoo group remains; existing Yahoo IDs still work. Info on how to join is available.
  • The Brookstone Bulletin Board (aka BrookBoard) is gone. The Yahoo group fills this role.
  • A Brookstone Community Calendar was created; also available using a full screen view.
  • Userids from the old BrookBoard were not carried forward to the new systems; nobody can access that old userid and password data. We don’t yet have a userid/password system in place for community members (any link you may see to login is just a built-in part of the web site software; this is not being used yet). We may all have Brookstoneweb.org userids someday, but we have to define why that would be required first.

So what happens next?

Well, we have a few ideas. These include:

  • Pushing news items to your email. Any email addresses you provided to RS Fincher, as part of establishing key community member information with the new management company, may someday be used to push news items such as this direct to your email. This would be an opt-in scenario, you would only get these emails if you asked for them, or ask to join that list later.
  • Adding additional pages to this site; the social committee, ARC, and the Swim Team may establish a presence. Access to more of the key community documents will be provided; determining when these should be restricted (by userid) to community members is a question under discussion.
  • Reworking the layout and design of this site. We’re still optimizing how things are displayed and what you see by default.
  • Adding additional Google Calendars; these would join the existing Brookstone Community Calendar. The goal is easy access and visibility to all the events of interest to those in the Brookstone Community; looking at just one calendar would work for most of us, but having additional detail for specific groups (Social, ARC, Swim Team) may also be useful.

Beyond that we really don’t know. Some of that depends on you. We know this site is lightly used (it’s no CNN or BBC site), but we want it to be simple, useful, and representative of our community.

So if you have ideas, comments, or suggestions please let us know by sending an email to the Brookstone Web Team (you can ask to join too).

Any idea is fine; I’ve got one – a Brookstone photo of the month page (photo’s from community members posted, you pick a winner by clicking). Of course, your ideas may get better mileage…


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